Fire Safety

Fire Safety


Ave Maria University is required to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) provisions regarding fire safety.The Ave Maria University Security Department publishes the Annual Fire Safety Report by October 1 of each year. The HEOA requires that all enrolled students and current employees receive either the Annual Fire Safety Report in its entirety or receive notice of the report’s availability and location (see appendix A). This information is conveyed to all enrolled students and current employees via e-mail in advance of the report’s publication. The report is available for download on the Ave Maria University website.

Residence Hall Fire Safety Systems

In calendar year 2014, Ave Maria University owned and operated 5 residence halls, all of which are located on the main campus.  All main campus residence halls link to the automated smoke detection and fire alarm system. Upon activation, the automated system communicates to the Department of Security through a monitor that indicates the building, specific area in the building, and specific device that has been activated.

Mandatory, Supervised Fire Drills

Mandatory, supervised fire drills are conducted during the spring and fall semesters for all resident halls. The 2011 drill schedule for the residence halls is presented in table 2. The fire drill tests the fire alarm and safety systems at all levels, including alarm transmission, Department of Security response, and residence hall evacuation. Upon activation of the fire alarm, students are expected to evacuate and gather at a predetermined location. Residence Life and Housing staff conducts a review of fire safety for the student body, while Security and Facilities Management personnel conduct a sweep of the hall.

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