How to Give

How to Give

Gifts by Cash, Check or Credit Card

Gifts Ave Maria University accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Donations made with credit cards can be done by making your gift ONLINE.  If you prefer to send a check or money order simply make the payment out to Ave Maria University and mail it to:

Ave Maria University
Attn: Gift Processing
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, FL 34142-9505

Corporate Matching Gifts

There are thousands of companies that will match a charitable donation made to Ave Maria University. Matching donations may also be available for retired employees. 

Click here to find out if your company has a matching gift program. Please make sure to enter the name of your company in the space provided. Our online database will help you discover whether your company has the ability to match the gift you wish to donate. 

Electronic Gift Transfer

The Electronic Gift Transfer program works in cooperation with your bank, similar to automatic teller machines, direct deposit of payroll, Social Security checks, pay-by-phone and other electronic banking services. The transaction is accomplished without paper handling.  In addition to the convenience to you, this plan eliminates costs the University would spend otherwise on pledge reminders, postage and other administrative details.

Wire Transfer

We can receive gifts of stock through our simple and secure wire transfer system.


For more information on any of these giving methods or to make a gift by phone, please contact gift processing at 239-280-2574 or