The University courses in literature introduce students to the classics of the West so that they may better understand themselves and their world by reading what the best authors have thought about the most important questions—questions about human purpose, the relationship between God and the human person and between man and woman, the foundations of knowledge, and the basis of human community.

"One writes only half the book; the other half is with the reader."
Joseph Conrad


Minor in Literature

To complete the minor in Literature, students must complete four other literature courses beyond the two required core Literature courses.

Core Courses

LITR 103/104 are necessary prerequisites for upper-level LITR courses.

  • LITR 103 Literary Tradition I
  • LITR 104 Literary Tradition II

Required Major Courses

  • LITR 205 Medieval Literature
  • LITR 206 Shakespeare
  • LITR 307 Early Modern Literature
  • LITR 309 Romanticism
  • LITR 310 The Novel
  • LITR 411 American Literature
  • LITR 412 Twentieth Century Literature
  • LITR 490 Senior Seminar: Literary Theory

Elective Major Courses (one required)

  • LITR 415 Special Topics