Required Courses

Required Courses

Required Major Courses

PSYC 201 Principles and Methods of Psychology

PSYC 205 Foundations of Psychology as a Human Science

PSYC 230 Statistics for the Social Sciences

PSYC 301 Human Development and Learning

PSYC 305 Research Methods and Design

PSYC 317 Psychopathology

PSYC 425 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 490 History & Systems of Psychology: Senior Seminar


Required Core Courses in the Natural Sciences

BIOL 201 and 202 or 211 and 212 (or approved equivalents)


Elective Major Courses (two required):

PSYC 302 Educational Psychology

PSYC 310 Introduction to Counseling and Personality Theories

PSYC 320 Social Psychology

PSYC 350 Health Psychology

PSYC 360 Evaluation and Testing

PSYC 409 Christian Marriage

PSYC 415 Special Topics in Psychology

PSYC 495 Senior Internship

PSYC 497 Directed Research in Psychology