Required Major Courses

Elective Major Courses (three required)

  • POLT 204 Introduction to Political Research
  • POLT 305 Public Policy
  • POLT 307 The United States Presidency
  • POLT 308 The United States Congress
  • POLT 309 The Judiciary of the United States
  • POLT 314 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POLT 415 Special Topics in Political Science and International Relations
  • POLT 495 Internship in Politics
  • HUMS 301 Humanities Seminar I
  • HUMS 302 Humanities Seminar II

Minor in Politics

A Minor in Politics is available. The Minor requires POLT 201, 203, and 302. In addition, the student must complete three Politics courses. As in the requirements for the Major in Politics, HUMS 301, 302 Humanities Seminar I, II may count toward the Minor in Politics.