Minor Program Requirements


The Physics Minor

Designed for students who are interested in a technical or teaching career, the Physics Minor can augment most major degree programs at Ave Maria University with minimal scheduling repercussions.

Required Courses (three required):

  • PHYS 221 University Physics: Mechanics with lab
  • PHYS 222 University Physics: Materials with lab
  • PHYS 223 University Physics: Electricity and Magnetism with lab
  • PHYS 321 Modern Physics

Elective Courses (three required):

  • PHYS 330 Classical Mechanics
  • PHYS 341 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • PHYS 350 Electricity & Magnetism I
  • PHYS 361 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PHYS 362 Quantum Mechanics II
  • MATH 491 Undergraduate Research (with a topic in Physics)

For more details, including answers to frequently asked questions and possibilities for students interested in engineering, visit the Physics Program Site.

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