Audition Requirements

General Audition Requirements for the Degree Program in Music: 

The Department of Music accepts students in piano, voice, and organ. Admission to the Department is dependent upon the successful completion of:

  1. An audition in piano, voice, or organ
  2. Diagnostic tests in music theory and musicianship skills (sight-reading/sight-singing)
  3. An interview with the faculty in music

Successful auditions will consist of the performance of challenging works from the classical repertoire that demonstrate technical and musical maturity, as well as the potential for advanced study in music.

On-site auditions are highly recommended. Campus visits for auditions should be scheduled through the Admissions Office. If a recorded audition is the only means by which a candidate can complete this admissions requirement, preference is given to video recordings. 

Eligibility Requirements for Audition:

For a piano audition, at least 4 years of piano lessons are required, with at least one year immediately prior to the audition.

For a voice audition, one year of lessons prior to the audition is required for eligibility. 

Auditioners should be seniors in high school, or otherwise prepared to enter the university the fall following the audition, Exceptions to eligibility requirements are made only with the permission of the Department of Music.

Audition Process for the Music Major: 

All prospective students must first apply to Ave Maria University and indicate interest in the music degree on the application form. 

  1. Submit the online audition application form.   The audition date would normally be on one of the Music Audition Weekends. If it is not possible to come on an audition weekend, please inform the Department of Music so that an exceptional audition can be arranged. Exceptional auditions, including auditions by video, may negatively impact scholarship decisions. The deadline for this application is 2 weeks prior to the intended audition date.
  2. Schedule a campus visit for the date(s) of the audition, to ensure a campus tour and housing accommodations. 
  3. Prepare the following for the audition: 
    1. 1-3 works from the classical repertoire (broadway and popular styles are not acceptable). The works should show contrast in musical style and tempo. 
    2. Vocalists must perform from memory. An accompanist is provided for vocal auditions. 
    3. Pianists are strongly recommended to perform from memory. 
    4. Organists need not perform from memory. 
  4. Complete the audition. The audition consists of the audition performance as above, a diagnostic musicianship test, sight-reading, and an interview with the music faculty. 
  5. Await admission decisions. Students must be accepted by both the university and the Department of Music to pursue a degree in music.  
For further information about auditions and entry into the music program, contact Professor Rebecca Ostermann at or 239-280-2439.

Auditions for the Minor in Music: 

Admission to the music minor is by audition only. Auditions for prospective music minors normally take place at the start of the semester in which the student intends to begin the coursework for the minor, though they may be completed at an earlier date. The requirements of the audition for the minor are the same as those for the major as listed above.  

Auditions for the Choral Scholarship:

Incoming students not intending to major in music may complete the audition for the Choral Scholarship during a campus visit or Open House.  Please contact Prof. Rebecca Ostermann at for additional information, or to schedule an audition.