Managerial Economics & Strategic Analysis

Managerial Economics & Strategic Analysis

The major in Managerial Economics and Strategic Analysis (MESA) is designed for students who wish to apply advanced economic analysis to the problems and realities of the business world.  MESA focuses on issues at the level of the firm and the individual, as well as issues of pricing, bringing products to market, and law.  The major allows students to focus on the economic issues of firms and corporations and to relate these principles, tools, and concepts to the relevant aspects of business.

Required Courses:

ECON 201            Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 202            Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 230            Statistics for the Social Sciences
ECON 302            Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 403            Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 332            Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
BUSN 301            Financial Accounting
BUSN 303            Management and Ethics
BUSN 340            Business Law

Two Electives out of

                BUSN 304            Marketing
ECON 430            Labor Economics and the Economics of Poverty
ECON 433            Industrial Organization and Public Policy
ECON 404            Business and Economic Forecasting