The major in Greek is a rigorous academic program designed to develop proficiency in the Greek language, to promote literary study across a broad range of authors, genres, and subjects, and to instill an awareness of the Classical tradition and its profound influence. Acknowledging the deep presence and transformation of classical culture during the Christian era, the Department is committed to integrating the study of classical Greek literature and the vast corpus of Greek writings from the biblical, patristic, and Byzantine eras.

Required Courses:

LATN 101 or 103
LATN 102 or 104
LATN 203 or 304
LATN 204
GREK 103
GREK 104
GREK 203 Greek Readings (Prose)
GREK 204** Greek Readings (Poetry)
GREK 304* Greek Church Fathers
GREK 310* Greek Prose Composition
GREK 415 Special Topics

  • Topics may include:
  • Homer
  • Lyric
  • Oratory
  • Drama
  • Philosophical Texts
  • Herodotus/Historians