Program Information

The following courses are required for the Biochemistry major:

BIOL 211
BIOL 212
CHEM 211
CHEM 212
CHEM 311
CHEM 312
PHYS 221
PHYS 222
BIOL 303
BICM 405

BICM 406
Biology I with lab (4 cr)
Biology II with lab (4 cr.)
General Chemistry I with lab (4 cr.)
General Chemistry II with lab (4 cr.)
Organic Chemistry I with lab (4 cr.)
Organic Chemistry II with lab (4 cr.)
University Physics I with lab (4 cr.)
University Physics II with lab (4 cr.)
Genetics with lab (4 cr.)
Biochemistry I (Structure, mechanisms and
metabolism) with lab (4 cr.)
Biochemistry II (Biophysical Chemistry)
with lab (4 cr.)

Elective Courses (8 credits minimum are required)

BIOL 305

BICM 415

BICM 497
Molecular Biology with lab

Advanced topics in Biochemistry (2 cr. modules)
Possible topics include:
Transcription Control of Gene Expression
Biochemistry of Cancer
Organic Mechanisms of Drug Action
Advanced Structural Biology
Biochemistry of Viral Action
Advanced Biochemical Techniques (lab)
Principles of Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics
Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism
Protein Trafficking
Natural Products Biochemistry
Bio-organic Chemistry

Directed Research (variable cr.)

All students in the major are required to take a minimum of Calculus I (MATH 151)

In the classroom and in the lab, an emphasis is placed on experimental design, hypothesis formation, and the scientific process. The Biochemistry program at Ave Maria is designed to provide the novice scientist – from their very first experience in the lab – with a hands-on introduction to modern experimental techniques. The faculty within the Biochemistry program lead active research programs. Students advancing beyond the introductory biology and chemistry courses are encouraged to participate alongside the faculty in their research efforts.

Visit the faculty websites for more information about their research interests.