Health Science

Health Science

The Health Science (B.A.) degree promotes student’s interest in an interdisciplinary understanding of medicine and health care. The program will enable students to appreciate the strengths and limits of the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities as they seek to better understand the myriad of complexities associated with disease, illness, health, suffering, and healing.  

The Health Sciences degree serves as a pre-professional preparation for the graduate degree required for working in a particular field (such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, physician assistant, and others). Baccalaureate graduates may seek employment as a group home staff member, clinical research assistant, quality assurance staff, case manager, or activity director. The present and future employment outlook in most health science fields promises a growth rate much faster than the national average.


Required Courses:

(Courses are four credits unless otherwise noted.)

BIOL 100 Medical Terminology (1 credit)

BIOL 211 Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOL 212 Organismal Biology

BIOL 200 Nutrition (3 credits)

BIOL 250 Health and Wellness

BIOL 303 Genetics

BIOL 304 Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 309 Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 401 Microbiology

BIOL 413 Critical Analysis or BIOL 497 Directed Research

CHEM 211 General Chemistry I

CHEM 212 General Chemistry II

PSYC 350 Health Psychology


Student Learning Outcomes for the B.A. Health Science Major

Outcome 1: Graduates will understand fundamental biological, chemical, and physical properties underlying all life systems.

Outcome 2: Graduates will integrate specialized knowledge into a larger framework using analytical and conceptual skills to function professionally in health science fields.

Outcome 3: Graduates will demonstrate general competency in diverse intellectual areas, including writing, literacy, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication.

Outcome 4: Graduates will apply knowledge and skills to solving complex health science issues and problems.

Outcome 5: Graduates will demonstrate a community-based perspective in the health sciences and specifically approach a national and global awareness.