With a Finance major, you can look forward to careers in corporate finance, investments, banking, and insurance.  Careers in finance include investment banker, trader, portfolio manager, analyst, financial journalist.  They also include corporate treasurer and budget analyst.  Some finance majors give advice to corporations or individuals about how to reach their financial goals, using their knowledge of investments, tax laws, and insurance.  Others work in the banking sector in asset or liability management.  Others help companies develop their financial plans, decide how to acquire resources and how to allocate them, and estimate future uses and sources of financing.

For more information about careers in investments, see this article.  For information about careers in personal financial planning or corporate finance look at this one.


Ave Maria University is fortunate to be connected to a strong, nationally-recognized network of business managers and CEOs who are looking for the skills and the virtues that characterize Ave Maria students.  We are very active in developing our students’ career potential, connecting them with suitable internships, and ensuring their success.


The Business Honor Society Sigma Beta Delta has a chapter at Ave Maria University, to which the top twenty percent of juniors and seniors are admitted.