Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff


Catherine Pakaluk, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics
Catherine Pakaluk, Ph.D.
Education: B.A., University of Pennsylvania; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Harvard University.
Office: Henkels Academic Bldg. 2049
Phone: (239) 280-4703
Fax: (239) 280-1637


Dr. Pakaluk joined the faculty of Ave Maria University in the Fall of 2010.  Her research is concerned broadly with the analytical study of gender, family, and reproductive dynamics.  She also studies education, especially the value of private religious schools, and the role of parental effort in generating observed peer effects and variation in school quality. 

Prior to earning her doctorate from Harvard University in 2010, Catherine received a master's degree in economics from Harvard (2002), and a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in mathematics and economics (1998).  She has studied the history of Catholic thought with Michael Novak, Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, George Weigel, and Dr. Russell Hittinger.

She is married to Michael Pakaluk and has six young children. 

Research fields: Applied micro, Public, labor, economics of education.  Teaching fields: Public economics; Labor economics; economics of poverty; statistics; Catholic social thought; theology of gender