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Meet your tutors:

Zachary Crockett, tutor

I'm Zachary Crockett, originally from the suburbs outside of Chicago. As a senior majoring in Politics and Literature, I have come to a great appreciation for the curriculum at Ave Maria, and as unpleasant as writing can sometimes be, I know that the written requirements here will be of great use in our careers. I enjoy sports and music and entertainment just as much as anybody, but in this busy world there is a value in being able to sit down and articulate yourself well when it counts. I hope I can help impart some "writing wisdom," and if you ever have a question about anything related to papers, track me down and let me know.

Marissa Meyer, tutor

My name's Marissa Meyer and I'm a sophomore majoring in music. I have yet to determine for sure what I want to do after I graduate, but it definitely has to be involved in vocal performance. I'll probably have a dozen different jobs before I finally find the perfect musical focus for me, but on the side, I would really enjoy to be a part of a professional choir. I'm very excited to be given the opportunity to get to know more of my peers and hopefully improve their ability and appreciation for communicating ideas through the written language.

Honora Harkins, tutor

I'm Nora, a psychology major of the Class of 2015! I hail from Gateway of the West--St. Louis, Missouri, where I'm the fifth of nine children, two of whom have already graduated from Ave Maria. In the little spare time I have outside of homework, I like bike riding, sun burning (I'm a ginger!), singing, dancing (especially Irish dance), and a great many other activities. I look forward to aiding and abetting students in their writing.

Rosalee Leung, tutor

My name is Rosalee, but everyone calls me Joey. I'm a classics major with a minor in music and a member of the class of 2014. My home is in New Jersey, where my parents and eight crazy siblings live. When I'm not working in The Writing Center or busy with school-work, I enjoy bike-riding, music, reading and many other endeavors (such as fixing houses and cars, riding a motorcycle, and having fun with the sisters of my household, The Vessels of Mercy). This is my first year working as a tutor, but I look forward to working with my fellow students.