Faith Households


A Household is a group of male or female students who mutually support each other by spending time together in prayer and recreation. These Christ-centered groups strive for balanced, healthy, interpersonal relationships while they support and challenge a member to develop spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically. Currently we have the following households that are officially recognized by the University.

The Four Pillars of Household Life

Academic – Using our intellect to seek the truth in all areas of inquiry and to mold our wills around it.
Spiritual – Placing Jesus and the Sacramental life of the Church at the center of our fellowship.
Social – Establishing lifelong friendships embedded in the dignity of the human person through common meals, individual and group meetings, intramural athletic teams, and community life in the residence halls. 
Moral – Endeavor to model our behaviors after the pattern of Christ and rooted in the reality of our dignity as sons and daughters of God.



Ave Maria University Residence Halls