Sacred Music

The Mission of the Department of Sacred Music is to provide a course of study in sacred music within a liberal arts framework, dependent on the teachings of the Catholic Church and the objectives of Ave Maria University. The Music program's mission relates to the mission of Ave Maria University in the education of the whole person in the Catholic liberal arts tradition as articulated in Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Veritatis Splendor and Fides et Ratio. As music and liturgy go hand in hand at Ave Maria, music becomes, as Pope John Paul II put it, "the beauty that saves."

Employment Opportunities for the Sacred Music Major

Arts Administrator


Music Education Director 

Band Member



Booking Agent

Disc jockey

Orchestra Musician

Choir Director

Jingle Singer





Concert Pianist

Music Teacher



Multimedia Publisher

Vocal Soloist

*Some jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor's degree.

Skills of Sacred Music Majors with Professional Value

  • Ability to exude confidence and good stage presence
  • Ability to read and write music
  • Dedication and self-discipline
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Possess entertaining skills
  • Possess excellent poise
  • Strong organization and memory skills

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Acquire teaching certificate for public school teaching
  • Gain experience working with children through volunteer or part-time work experiences
  • Obtain Graduate degree required to teach in higher education
  • Specialize in an area such as music, music theory, composition, music history, etc
  • Develop business relationships with schools and/or music stores to increase client base.
  • Join campus bands and choruses, church choirs, and other performing acts
  • Learn how to use electronic instruments and synthesizers
  • Develop computer and desktop publishing expertise
  • Earn a master's degree in music therapy and seek certification
  • Develop computer and research skills
  • Gain thorough knowledge of music and musicology
  • Earn master's degree in library/information science
  • Complete an internship at a record company
  • Take business courses to work in management or administration
  • Work or volunteer at a campus or local radio station
  • Take classes in communications, broadcasting, or journalism
  • Develop computer-related skills such as software development and programming

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