Mathematics is an essential component of the traditional liberal arts. From their inception in Greek thought, the liberal arts included arithmetic and geometry. In the medieval grouping of the seven liberal arts into trivium and quadrivium, the latter four were considered intrinsically mathematical in nature. The Greeks and medieval schoolmen considered mathematics as a propadeutic for higher studies. The abstraction, formality, and rigor of mathematical reasoning instill in the student habits of logic, precision, clarity, and patience. The study of mathematical objects disposes the student to the existence of immaterial forms.

Employment Opportunities for Math Majors



Software Developer





Financial Consultant

Systems Analyst

Computer Engineer



Computer Programmer


Urban Planner

Database Manager




Research Analyst


*Some jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor's degree.

Skills of Mathematics Majors with Professional Value

  • Ability to recognize mathematic trends and patterns 
  • Able to collect and organize data
  • Ability to work in groups
  • Excellent proficiency in oral and written expression
  • Possess critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Quantitative analysis and computer proficiency
  • Thorough knowledge of mathematic principles and procedures

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Develop computer and research skills
  • Learn to use relevant software packages
  • Earn a master's degree in math, business, or related field for advanced positions or for consulting jobs
  • Obtain internship with local, state, or federal government
  • Assist with canvassing/phone interviewing for charities or political campaigns
  • Become the financial officer or treasurer of a campus organization
  • Obtain appropriate state licensure and/or certification for public school teaching positions
  • Volunteer to teach, supervise, or tutor with organizations such as Big Brother/Sister, YMCA, or churches
  • Develop excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Acquire a master's degree or Ph.D. for teaching positions at the college or university level

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