The major in history exists because of that special environment in which man lives: time. History is a way of understanding the ways men and their societies change over time. Furthermore, history properly understood should focus not just on the events and changes, but also on the reasons for those changes. Thus, history stresses more than just knowledge of places or facts; rather, it stresses analysis and insight. For the Catholic, history assumes a special importance. By the fact of the Incarnation, at a specific place, in a specific time, God Himself has sacralized human life, and, indeed, time itself. The Catholic believes that history begins in God and ends in God.

Employment Opportunities for History Majors


FBI / CIA agent



Foreign News Correspondent




Media Consultant

Consumer Advocate

Government Official

Museum Curator



Social Studies Teacher


Historic Preservationist

Travel Agent


International Relations

Urban Planner

*Please note that some of the occupations listed require further education.

History Major Skills with Professional Value

  • Ability to make critical observations and evaluations
  • Ability to think logically and make analogies
  • Awareness of intercultural conflicts and perspectives
  • Careful record keeping
  • Excellent proficiency in oral and written expression
  • Possess ability to creatively teach concepts
  • Possess wide knowledge of historical information
  • Proficiency in bibliographic and statistical skills

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Gain relevant experience in student government or other related organizations
  • Complete an internship with a government agency
  • Develop foreign language skills
  • Consider a variety of entry-level positions in all branches of local, state, and federal government
  • Volunteer to work with public interest groups, political campaigns, political associations, or community service projects
  • Obtain paralegal training or law degree
  • Hone organizational skills and develop attention to detail
  • Earn a master's degree in information sciences
  • Consider obtaining a minor or double major in journalism or broadcasting/electronic media
  • Develop excellent presentation skills
  • Obtain teaching certificate for public school teaching
  • Obtain a graduate degree for college and/or university teaching
  • Obtain experience positions with campus yearbook or newspaper
  • Consider an MBA for consulting, and research opportunities

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