What Can I Do With This Major...?

What Can I Do With This Major...?

A common question among students is, "What exactly can I do with my major?" With careful planning, you can develop career-related skills and experiences that can prepare you for almost any job or graduate school field. Regardless of your field of study, liberal arts students develop a variety of skills that are highly desirable to many different types of employers. The ability to think creatively, communicate effectively, solve problems, organize ideas and resources, contribute to team efforts, conduct and explain research, and make decisions are all skills and abilities highly sought after by employers - and these skills are all cornerstones of an Ave Maria University education. To explore some of the advantages to having a liberal arts major click the link below, or select your major from the list to view a variety of exciting employment options in your field.

Marketing Your Liberal Arts Degree 

Through the article Want Innovative Thinking? Hire From the Humanities you can see how useful having a liberal arts degree is when it comes to searching for a job. The article points out ways how an individual with a liberal arts degree is a necessity within the office.  

What to Do With Your Major

The links below outline common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities upon completion of a four-year degree in the following fields:

To get a greater view of opportunities available for each major you can attend Career Service Events or make an appointment with the Career Service Office.